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Borderland Cross
The Defenders of Lvov Cross

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Motto: The whole truth about the IV partition of Poland on 17-th September, 1939.

Our purpose: : to establish the national holiday on 17-th September to remind everybody about the IV partition of Poland (17-th September, 1939) in memory of all citizens of the II Polish Republic who were slaughtered and deported by the III Reich, the Soviet Union and Nazi Ukrainian fascists from the OUN-UIA.

"The nation which doesn’t respect its past, it doesn’t deserve the respect"

(Józef Piłsudski, the Marshal of Poland)


the red line indicates the borders of the Second Polish Republic from 1918 to 1945

the blue line indicates Polish borders that were supposed to be established after 1945 according to Curzon Line + Prussia but because of fault of the allies (mainly the USA), Stalin traced out his version of Polish eastern border on the ground of a pact between Ribbentrop-Mołotow and Hitler-Stalin in 1939 and according to Namier Line. Next, he took himself the northern part of Prussia as plunder (that was accepted by the USA and Great Britain)

pink colour indicates the present area of Poland

The plan of attack on Poland in 1939

DN - German military sabotage
DS - Soviet military sabotage
LU - Ukrainian legion
OUN-UPA - Hitler’s agents in Poland whose task was to begin internal rebellion while attacking Poland by the III Reich and the Soviet Union (it is called: attack from the inside)

- the III Reich
- the Soviet Union
- Lithuania (the annexation of Vilnius)
- Slovakia (the republic of Tiso, the priest)
- Ukrainian legion
- Ukrainian fascists

German nazism
+ Soviet communism
+ Ukrainian fascism
= the IV Partition
of Poland

There is the only one historical truth !!!

This bulletin is dedicated to historical truth about the IV Partition of Poland on September 17-th, 1939, and its influence on modern times, especially the political élite groups in Poland and abroad.

September 17-th is a forgotten date , it is the mystery that covers an unimaginable ocean of suffering and terrible political reality of those times. If it hadn’t been September 17-th, it wouldn’t have been 1-st September , 1939, it wouldn’t have been the II World War, any genocide, deportation, the Holocaust or the partition of Poland between the Third German Reich and the Soviet Union with a lot of help of the Ukrainian fascists from OUN-UIA.

That reality consists of three symbols (Auschwitz-Katyń-Wołyń), that are assigned to three facts, as follows:

  1. The German-Soviet alliance was the foundation source of misery in the twentieth century Europe and the World War II, that was unleashed because of this alliance. If there hadn’t been any agreement between two world powers or any guarantee given by Stalin to Hitler, that they would destroy Poland together, it wouldn’t probably have been any war at that time . What’s more, if Stalin hadn’t invaded on September 17-th, it would have appeared a chance to put up a strong resistance to German troops in the, so called, Romanian suburbs. Then, the II World War and the entire Polish defensive war in 1939 would be waged in the other way.
  2. The Soviet occupation of Polish territory (after September 17-th, 1939), that is about 52 % of Poland, was used by the Soviets not only to exterminate Polish nation and its élite groups. It was used as a plant that produced the future staff who formed so called Polish People’s Republic (PRL). These people ruled in Poland on behalf of Moscow for over 50 years and they came from Soviet collaborators and traitors to Polish nation.Their descendants have survived in power until today, they occupy considerable positions in social structures and deliberately try to stop revealing the whole truth about September 17-th, 1939, that was the IV Partition of Poland.
  3. In PRL the communist propaganda was talking loudly about Nazi Germany, their attack on Poland on September 1-st,1939, and the Nazi crimes. A taboo and forbidden topic was the Soviet aggression against Poland, the date: September 17-th, 1939, the Soviet crimes in Poland and their annexation of Poland validated by the Pact between Molotov and Ribbentrop. After regaining the independence by Poland in 1989, people started talking more about the IV Partition of Poland and its consequences, coming out the traitors and Soviet collaborators , and the distress of the Poles under the Soviet occupation. Unfortunately, the present political groups keep silence in the name of neighbourly relations as far as the case of our neighbours’ participation in the Fourth Partition of Poland is considered. It is not good to talk about the invasion of Lithuania [with the Soviet Union acclamation] and the annexation of Vilnius, the participation of Slovakia in the aggression against Poland or murderous assaults of the Ukrainian Legion. You can’t forget about the Nazi agents’activity in Poland with the fascist character of OUN-UIA, which is responsible for the genocide of great number of Poles in Volhynia, Podolia, South-eastern Poland and Lviv. What’s more, it is responsible for initiating a rebellion within the Polish state in 1939 in behalf of the Third Reich and later- the USSR.

We invite all people who are interested in the subject to cooperate and edit our bulletin which will gradually be expanded and extended with new topics on the IV Partition of Poland. We are looking for information about the heroes and traitors of this period, the Polish defense sites and execution places, about plundered Polish lands and estates in the eastern areas of the Second Polish Republic which were taken under Soviet occupation in 1945.

17-th September 1939 -17 September 2011
The 72-th anniversary of the IV Partition of Poland

The line indicates the boundary of Poland partition between the III Reich, USSR and their allies.

The important dates of the IV Partition of Poland

  • 23.VIII.1939 - The Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact
  • 1.IX.1939 - German aggression
  • 1.IX.1939 - Slovak aggression
  • 9.IX.1939 - Ukrainian aggression
  • 1-23.IX.1939 - Ukrainian rebellion in Poland (Eastern Malopolska)
  • 28.IX.1939 - Hitler-Stalin Pact
  • 12.IX 1939 - Joachim von Ribbentrop orders Wilhelm Canaris to launch Ukrainian rebellion within Polish state: "The OUN uprising must be staged to go up in smoke every Polish mansion and farm and to exterminate all Jews".
  • 27.X.1939 - Annexation of Vilnius and Vilnius region by Lithuania
  • 11.VII 1943 - The leader of the UIA - Roman Szuchewycz - ordered: "The death of every single Lach traces one meter of independent Ukraine. Either Ukrainian or Lach’s bloodshed will happen. Put to the sword every Pole." The UIA began murdering the Polish population in Volhynia, in the night on 11-th July ,1943. At the same time they attacked 167 Polish towns murdering their inhabitants very brutally and plundering their property. As the reward for commiting genocide of Polish people, Roman Shukhevych “Taras the Crop of Hair” received the posthumous title of Ukrainian Hero. He was awarded by President Victor Yushchenko (12.X.2007).
  • 4-1.II.1945 - The Yalta Conference approving the IV Partition of Poland (in1939) and fixing the Polish eastern border (PRL) in accordance with the Hitler-Stalin Pact (with a small amendment). Everything was carried with the consent of the United States and Great Britain.